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Dr. Christopher Hodgkins

Dr. Hodgkins, or Dr. H as he is known by his patients, is a Board Certified, double fellowship-trained, experienced orthopedic surgeon. He trained at two high volume trauma centers in the United States, Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center in Miami and Tampa General Hospital. Dr. H also spent a year at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, one of the most prestigious orthopedic hospitals in the world, where he trained with world experts. This training exposed him to some of the worst possible injuries and inspired his passion for his specialty.

Dr. H is a native of the United Kingdom where he entered medical school in 1996, graduating in 2001. He has been a practicing physician for over 15 years. In 2005, he completed the necessary United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE), achieving the highest possible percentile score in the two qualifying exams necessary to practice medicine in the United States. He completed his US orthopedic residency and double orthopedic fellowship training in 2012. He has since been an attending orthopedic surgeon in practice at one of the most elite orthopedic surgery groups in South Florida.

Dr. H is not a ‘jack of all trades’ surgeon. He purposely narrowed his practice to mastering a limited number of surgical foot and ankle conditions. He works hard to find ways to improve existing equipment, techniques and recoveries with the ultimate aim of more minimally invasive surgery with better and faster patient outcomes. This has attracted the attention of the worldwide community and Dr H presents and publishes internationally on these techniques. Dr H is also closely involved with the education of residents, fellows and surgical colleagues.

Dr. H is an athletic person who has competed in contact sports his entire life – mainly rugby and soccer – and has sustained many injuries himself. This has given him first-hand knowledge of both the physical and psychosocial pain of injury from a patient perspective. His experiences as a patient in physician offices and hospitals gave him invaluable insight into the importance of patient experience.

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Foot & Ankle Focused Practice

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Dr. Hodgkins established, ‘TheAnkleMD’ to try to improve every aspect of patient experience from the first phone call to the final outcome. He focuses his practice on specific areas of foot and ankle surgery with the following objectives:

 One Central Phone Number answered 24/7 for easy new patient scheduling

 One Central Email Address:

 Efficient & Informative office visits

 Narrow Practice Focus to Master His Trade

  Specialize in non surgical and surgical fracture treatment

  Specialize in minimally invasive surgical techniques

 Specialize in cutting edge innovative surgery

 Aim for better and faster recoveries

 Specialize in progressive rehabilitation

 Involved in research, teaching and education, internationally

 Understands the physical, emotional and financial burden of injury/surgery

 Treat patients with compassion

 Aim for 5-Star customer service:  Over 300 Five-Star Google Reviews


Dr. Hodgkins works hard on five key areas to try and achieve superior experiences and outcomes for his patients.

Minimally Invasive Approach

Dr. Hodgkins uses minimally invasive approach and techniques when appropriate. Smaller incisions typically result in less pain and swelling after surgery, faster recovery and better cosmetic results. Dr. H spent time in his training with elite plastic surgeons to refine his skills to cosmetically improve incisions and prides himself on how his surgeries look on both the inside and outside. Dr. H uses magnification glasses (loupes) during surgery to see everything in greater detail. Loupes are normally worn by plastic surgeons and neurosurgeons. Dr. H trained with these highly precise surgeons to refine his motor skills to try and achieve the best possible result for your surgery.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Dr. Hodgkins aims to be at the forefront of cutting edge medicine and is involved in the design of innovative new surgical techniques and devices. He is invited to teach and present nationally and internationally on these techniques and has written many published articles and book chapters. He is also involved in teaching medical students, residents and fellows. He keeps up to date and is often personally involved with the latest and greatest with the aim of providing his patients the best surgical outcome!

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Dr. Hodgkins has had many injuries and surgeries himself. He understands your pain. He cares deeply about all of his patients and wants you to have the best possible experience under his care. He tries to pay attention to every detail of the patient experience which has made him one of the highest rated orthopedic surgeons in the USA with over 700 online 5-Star reviews and over 300 Google 5-Star reviews. His mission is the best possible outcomes and pleasant experiences. He hopes his reputation speaks for itself about how well he does what he does! See and read for yourself from other real patients.

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Dr. Hodgkins utilizes a mini camera (arthroscope) for most surgeries to look inside joints and see hidden problems inside the joint that may otherwise not be detected. Dr. H thinks this is so important that he spent time training with highly skilled arthroscopic surgeons and has adopted these techniques in his practice to ensure his patients get a comprehensive surgery for the best possible result. Dr. H was also one of the first surgeons in the world to use the new Arthrex ‘Nanoscope’ in the ankle which is an even smaller camera pushing the boundaries of innovation.

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Superior Outcomes

Dr. Hodgkins treats all his patients as he does his elite athletes. Whether you want to resume walking your dog in the park, play world cup rugby or need to get back to work, he aims to provide you with the best possible result as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying your life. He prescribes progressive rehabilitation techniques and pays very close attention to progress. He uses adjuncts to recovery including modern boots, braces and other equipment to try and improve and accelerate your recovery.

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5 Star Rated Orthopedic Surgeon in Miami

  • ★★★★★

    EXCEPTIONAL..the Best in Miami Dade County! Dr. Hodgkins and his medical team are true professionals. They provided excellent care to my daughter, she broke her toe then her ankle. Dr. Hodgkins and his staff made sure she her recovery was 100% and more. I appreciate this medical team to the fullest and would recommend them to the world because they are a fine group of PROFESSIONALS! Thank you for your dedication and hard work. (Google Review)
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    Lappy Bradshaw Surgery Patient
  • ★★★★★

    Thanks to Dr. Hodgkins my life is back to normal. After a horrible injury that could have left me without a foot Dr. Hodgkins did not give up on me and fixed me up. I’m forever grateful I landed in his hands and wouldn’t trade him for any other specialist. Not even if I was paid. Thank you for everything Doctor. (Google Review)
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    Kyle Korvick Patient
  • ★★★★★

    Dr Hodgkins is an excellent surgeon. I had a severe foot injury and he made my foot look new again. It was such an ugly injury and now my foot looks normal again. His staff are always courteous, friendly and kind. I highly recommend him because he is so good at what he does. (Google Review)
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    Judy Albury Surgery Patient
  • ★★★★★

    Outstanding. Brand new aquiles tendon.I suffered a bad tear in my aquiles tendon playing baseball. I thought I wasn't going to play again. After my surgery with Dr. Hodgkins I feel good as new! And close to be back on the field. (Google Review)
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    Marco Canada Surgery Patient
  • ★★★★★

    Dr. Hodgkins is fabulous. His expertise is unquestionable. He takes time to listen and answer all questions. He is compassionate and as gentle as possible. I’ve been to many orthopedists and without doubt he is first class. Everyone on staff is extremely pleasant, caring and efficient. Waiting time is never more than 10 minutes. I would recommend Dr. Hodgkins to anyone looking for a top notch orthopedist. (Google Review)
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    Ed Swetnick Surgery Patient
  • ★★★★★

    Never in a million years did I think I'd end up under going a major surgery to repair a complete Achilles Rupture 8 months ago. After searching for a highly qualified surgeon I elected to use Dr. Hodgkin's services and it was one of best decisions I made in my life. I have been able to regain full mobility of my leg with the expertise and recommendations from him and his team. I urge anyone I need of I highly qualified Dr. to utilize his services. (Google Review)
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    Maurice Jackson Surgery Patient
  • ★★★★★

    "I fell at home, broke my right ankle in three (3) parts and needed to be hospitalized. I had the good fortune to have Doctor Christopher Hodgkins as my orthopedic surgeon. As a doctor he shows genuine compassion and is attentive to every detail. He is honest and direct, and when it came time to explain the type of surgery and recovery process ahead for me, he was sincere and patient. He was frank in explaining the long road ahead of me and my return to my normal life, but just as he was honest he was supportive and encouraging. During my stay in the hospital, Dr. Hodgkins came by everyday to see me and check on my status. (Google Review)
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    Maria del Rosario Barake Bayona Surgery Patient
  • ★★★★★

    I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Hodgkins and his team. My case was complicated, yet Dr. Hodgkins took his time to research and liase with other doctors to ensure I was completely safe and taken care of. He took ample time to answer all of my questions and eased my anxiety (which was a lot!). A year and a half post surgery, I am feeling great and it is all thanks to him. (Google Review)
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    Marissa C Surgery Patient
  • ★★★★★

    Dr. Hodgkins has come to my rescue again and again, starting in 2013 while I was recovering from a horrid 8 month Mersa infection. Then again in 2015 - an ankle fusion, 2017, hardware removal, and again today. My needs have ALWAYS been met with speed, care, and kindness. I can not say enoungh good things. Dr. Hodgkins and his staff.. His office is clean, friendly, and well staffed. During and after my hospital stays he would take the extra time to make sure I was comfortable and my questions answered. (Google Review)
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    Ann Richards Surgery Patient
  • ★★★★★

    Being in the Military it’s great to get the service, professionalism and coursety from Dr. Hodgkin’s and his great staff. They are “Tip of the Spear” and always getting better. Would highly recommend them and trust in their highly motivated mission. They lead by example, and will get the job done! Forget the rest, go see the best Dr.Hodgkins. Atta Boy-Doc! (Google Review)
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    Jason Marsh Surgery Patient
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